We set the standard for collaboration, becoming the default approach for many global organisations through our advice, facilitated workshops, tactics, coaching and playbooks.


We remove the barriers to innovation and collaboration, building a culture of co-creation and discovery for all sectors at any level.


High performing digital teams

Leverage your digital team tools to create high performing and collaborative virtual teams


Breathing life into your collaboration tools

Powering social networks with purpose and engaged staff to provide real business value


Designing CrOWd innovation programs

Turn your employees into everyday innovators, facilitating ideation physically and virtually

Designing Collaboration Book


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Available now: Designing Collaboration - the handbook for your digital workplace.


Social collaboration tools are commonplace in medium and large businesses, yet we rarely see seamless cross-organisational collaboration. Yet these tools have huge potential to solve business problems and deliver innovative ways of working.


To find answers we need to look past the tools. We need to understand that tools don’t switch on collaboration, people do. We need to change the conversation from ‘collaboration tools’ to collaborative people.

Based on fifteen years’ hands on experience, and written in an easy-going, plain language style, Designing Collaboration sets out a framework of seven elements designed to evolve and build the behaviours necessary for people to become great collaborators in the digital workplace. The hands-on guide you've been looking for, there when you really need it.


High Performing Digital Teams

We know what makes a good team in the physical world and we apply it to digital working, so your digital teams have confidence and skills and trust the tools they're given. We give these tools clear purpose to meet organisation, project or team goals.

We coach best of breed collaboration and how to apply it to your existing team tools such as Microsoft Teams and Workplace by Facebook. Whether to support virtual teams or flexible working practices, high performing digital teams look to create rather than repeat. We offer:

Breathing life into your collaboration tools

Getting collaboration flowing across your digital networks often requires a boost. We develop clear business goals for these networks to deliver, and help your workforce overcome cultural, technological and process barriers to really engaging with them. Whether for communities, virtual teams, business engagement or communications we help create conversations of high business value.

Tools such as Yammer, Workplace by Facebook, Jive, Slack and others present an opportunity to leverage teams, communities and individuals. We identify use cases, opportunities and scenarios to successfully adopt these tools, and overcome the hurdles to full engagement. We provide:

Designing crowd innovation programs

We're experts at employee innovation, knowing what starts innovation, how to inspire creative thinking and how crowd-sourced contributions can shape ideas into game-changers.


Whether it's changing habits to create more innovative teams, facilitating innovation via workshops or using social networks for co-creation and digital campaigns, we get ideas flowing.

Utimately it's all about starting an innovative conversation, and that's what we love doing. Designing ways to spark creative thinking whether in a room or virtually. We can help through:

  • Designing ideation campaigns

  • Facilitating ideation sessions

  • Workshops to create goals for innovation and to overcome workplace barriers


Who are we?


We're Alister and Andrew. We’ve spent years understanding what makes collaboration and innovation tick. Under the hood, the nuts and bolts. Solving common problems.

Between us, we have built innovative and collaborative communities across banking, telecommunications, engineering, oil and finance - to integrate teams, connect projects, solve problems and to create everyday innovators. All in the digital workplace of today.


Andrew Pope
Partner & Consultant

My passion is creating workplace environments that stimulate conversations and innovation, through employee experiences, collaboration and innovation techniques.

As an innovation manager in a global engineering firm, my brief was to ‘make us be more innovative’. And that was it. Except that there wasn’t any budget. And so there began my approach to working on the behaviours rather than the tools – let the people drive the change. It’s more effective, sustainable and brings the best out of both people and the tools.

I started my journey as an environmental scientist, starting quite literally at the dirty end, measuring industrial emissions. From there, I have run several millions of dollars of projects, giving me a fantastic insight into client needs, business process, and how teams & individuals work in complex organisations.

This experience and a sense of curiosity took me into enterprise, running technology, innovation and knowledge management projects and collaboration initiatives within the engineering and finance sectors. And it's always been about the people! Now at Innosis, I work with some amazing companies, facilitating ideation, running workshops to build trust in collaboration and designing innovative workplaces around their social collaboration tools.

Outside of work, I am passionate about the outdoors, whether through cycling, hiking, photography or just quietly appreciating it with a coffee.

Alister Webb
Partner & Consultant

My journey began in the early days of Intranets when I participated first hand in their evolution from static web pages to dynamic content management systems. More recently this has evolved into a world of collaboration tools and social platforms. Ultimately though, change isn’t about technology, it’s about the people we provide it for.  This has been my passion, to bring the people along on the journey so that they feel a part of these exciting changes - a win-win for individuals and the organisation.


My modus operandi is to constantly look for opportunities to leverage technology so it can accelerate business processes, improve ways of working, and stimulate thinking. Within a major telecommunications firm I pioneered the use of crowd-sourced internal expertise to solve business problems - focusing on the community aspects rather than a top-down, technology orientated approach. Not only did this bring significant commercial benefits, it also helped to release the combined knowledge and IP of a sizeable workforce.


Today we have a myriad of tools supporting KM and collaboration. Yet every day in my work as a social enterprise consultant I’m reminded that throwing platforms at a problem does not guarantee success. It does not bring the people along with us. Money is wasted if we don't evolve collaborative behaviours and do the simple things like ensure everyone is working towards a shared and understood goal


 Let's go!... 

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